About Applied Concepts

Our Mission - to give our dealer clients an unmistakable competitive edge.

Our Goal - to help our dealer clients increase advertising effectiveness, floor traffic, units & grosses, service absorption and CSI scores.

Let us put our more than 16 years of experience and high-tech resources to work for you. Our committed staff-many of who are 'car people' with valuable automotive experience, are one of our greatest assets. Because we are dedicated to the automotive marketplace, you benefit with a return-on-investment that truly delivers.

You know that more than 50% of your customer relationships start and are sustained using the phone. It makes perfect sense that the phone provides the easiest, fastest, most cost-effective approach to improve all levels of those customer relationships. At the same time, we recognize your challenge. You would rather run a great show room than a great phone room! With Applied Concepts you can get instant, turnkey results with our proven customer relationship phone strategies tailored to your specific needs and do it cost-effectively. Really, what you want is the phones ringing, doors swinging and customer smiling.

Discover why more that 4,000 dealership executives have put our proven success strategies and processes to work in their dealerships.

Remember, 'Opportunity doesn't knock . . It Rings.'